And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work:  II Cor. 9:8

The purpose for our lives as God’s children is to abound in good works.  These good actions glorify God when we do them, not for reward or recognition before God or man, but because they are the result of our dependence on the abounding grace of the Lord in our lives.  Through dependency on the Lord’s sufficiency and not ours, we become more out-going and out-giving in our good actions toward all men.  This is available- “God is able to”- but we must use it to make it effectual- “may abound to every good work”.  Generosity toward others does not necessarily mean that one is affluent in this world’s goods.  Acts of generosity shown by Christians should show that we depend on the “all sufficiency in all things” that we have available in Christ.  Let us strive together to show Christians and this sinful and selfish world true Christianity through our Godly good works.

Mission:  With great joy we headed straight back into the ministry of getting the Gospel into people’s lives through the various avenues of services, groups, teaching in schools, and English classes.  We have had a few new children English students start this month and we pray as we try again to get children out for S.S. there will be a similar response.
Miss Tsuzuki continues in her study with us on most Sunday nights.  Two responses came from her this month: I realize now that there really is only one true God!  Next, I know that I can only make a decision to follow Christ while still alive and I don’t know when I will die so I must think about this.–  Please continue to pray for understanding unto salvation for Miss Tsuzuki and that the angels may rejoice along with us SOON for this soul coming to Christ.  There are so many ‘difficulties’ for a Japanese to get past in order to be ready to accept Christ without fear of what lays ahead.  We are thankful that Miss Tsuzuki continues to study the Word of God.  God is willing and able to save–we pray she is willing to receive the total gift of salvation!

Intern:  Virgil Ruchti from Willmar, Minnesota (and a supporting church) arrived on May 26th to work with us for 9 weeks as he fulfills his missions’ internship requirement.  We rejoice in his safe travel, for provisions for his needs and for what the Lord will do through this time together this summer.  He has gotten over jet lag and is now beginning to go with Ken where he goes; learn the language and customs, and help in various activities.  Please pray that we can be a blessing to one another as well as to the Japanese people during this time and that he will return with an expanded vision of missions in the far east as well as the world!

Health:  Ken had two check-ups with various tests to check the remaining kidney stones (two on one side; one on the other).  The basic consensus after his doctor conferred with others in the urology department both at the university hospital and at a hospital in Atlanta, GA (the doctor was at a conference there) was that beings the present stones are beyond the area where any type of surgery can extract them, to just leave them alone and watch the situation.  There were also no new stones so the measures he has taken to prevent new stones as well as God’s mercy must be working!  Vicki has also been plagued with chronic cystitis which has again flared up. Besides the preventative prescribed herbs she takes for that, an antibiotic is being taken.  Her asthma and allergies continued through the month with such extreme force that a visit to an ear, nose and throat doctor was advised. After taking their prescriptions which included a steroid, she is again in the ‘controllable’  range and no longer sleeping in a chair!! We are very thankful for the prayers for our health that we might continue to serve the Lord here for many years to come as the Lord tarries.

Car port/deck roof collapse damage and insurance:  On the 28th the insurance adjustor and a local construction company employee met with Ken.  We praise God that we got a call on the 30th saying insurance will cover a percentage of the  repair work for replacing the car port/deck and the roof over it!!  We are not sure yet what the percentage will be nor the cost of the repair. Both are working together to see what can be done.  Meanwhile, Ken and Virgil have now begun the ‘clean-up’ part of the work  and keep whatever beams and wood can be reused as well as take apart the tin and wood for disposal.

Prayer Requests:
1. summer ministry with Virgil–extra evangelistic outreaches and pamphlet distribution
2. salvation of Miss Tsuzuki
3. salvation of believers’ husbands and families; baptism of believers
4. praise for health
5. safety in working on the car port/deck clean-up
6. Extra safety for  traveling taking place during the summer months

Serving Christ Together,
Ken and Vicki Mansell

Just a Prayer At Night  –Your night time is our day time! Thank you for praying for us!!

Ken has started the clean up with the permission of the insurance company and the construction company now.  Even that takes time!! Thankful for safety that God gives of ourselves and of our goods that He supplies!