May Meanderings

Spring is here! In our hearts and in our land! May our smiles not only show forth the joy of the season but the joy of the Lord in all we do and say! God bless you and thank you for reading our letters and praying for us. Just a reminder that due to space, fine details of each month may not be included. If you ever have any questions about our work and ministry here in Teshio, please feel free to ask and don’t forget, we want to pray for you too, so let us know what we can pray for you!

Brrrr Winter 2018

So what is winter like in your area?  We are just about 15 minutes south of the 45th parallel on the Japan Sea side of Hokkaido.  That means winds and systems come across from Siberia and pick up moisture and the sky falls out here, sometimes several days in a row.  This year’s amount of…