May Meanderings

Spring is here! In our hearts and in our land! May our smiles not only show forth the joy of the season but the joy of the Lord in all we do and say! God bless you and thank you for reading our letters and praying for us. Just a reminder that due to space, fine details of each month may not be included. If you ever have any questions about our work and ministry here in Teshio, please feel free to ask and don’t forget, we want to pray for you too, so let us know what we can pray for you!

Free Electric-Car Recharging

FREE ELECTRIC-CAR RECHARGING Gasoline stations, in cooperatio n with the local governments of Japan, are beginning to install systems that guide electric vehicle drivers to unoccupied charging stations, hoping to popularize electric vehicles by making it possible to recharge without waiting in long lines and without any cost.Electric vehicles will have charger-outfitted gas stations displayed…